How Far We've Come

Last July, I stopped Stephanie on our office stairwell for a fly-by mention of a recurring idea that, in six short months, has brought HerChesapeake to where it is today. By confiding in friends over drinks about a concept for change, I was met with encouragement that lifted me up from my own doubts of leadership and ability, and enabled us to take steps together to do something real and impactful.

The concept: a group that could provide transformational support to young women in our field. Over the last six months, an idea of one became a vision of twenty, and shared experiences became actionable priorities and aspirations that will allow us to better our world together socially and environmentally. I’m inspired by all of you to keep pushing our ideas forward, supporting and empowering each other, and I’m beyond excited to see what we can accomplish together over the next year by believing in our own power to create positive change.